ECP plans to start training of seven lakh polling staff by June

Islamabad [Pakistan]: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is planning to start the training of seven lakh polling staff by June this year as it prepares for the next general elections.

The ECP in a paper titled “Road to general election-2018” on its website said that a list of officers was asked from all provincial chief secretaries, secretary of the Establishment Division and heads of federal entities in July 2016 who might be available in those departments in January 2018.

The officials are required to be below 55 years in age, computer literate and have ability to use smart phones and enjoy good reputation.

The paper said that the ECP received the names of 50,000 officers from provinces and the federal government by December 31, 2016.

The details and status of the officers have been indicated on a data-bank which could be utilized as per the plan.

“The ECP would try to get the requisite number of 700,000 officials and start their training by June 2017 onward,” the Dawn quoted the paper as saying.

Preparation of training material and logistic arrangements are under way in consultation with the stakeholders.

Training of the regular staff and officers of the ECP have been started at the Federal Election Academy in rented premises of Postal Staff College, Islamabad.

According to the paper, the proposed draft of the election bill is likely to be finalised and passed during the year 2017.

The ECP initiated the registration and correction of votes through the Computerised Electoral Rolls System (CERS) on January 1 after establishing its own CERS.

The commission has also established a dedicated monitoring wing to monitor the electoral activities. (ANI)