Ebola outbreak: Death toll breaches 650-mark in DR Congo

Kinshasa [DR Congo]: At least 655 people have lost their lives due to Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) since the outbreak of the virus in July last year, the country’s health ministry confirmed on Monday.

Last week, the ministry had said that 629 people died in the latest Ebola outbreak.
In the last two weeks, Ebola has claimed the lives of at least 91 people. While 1,146 cases were reported as hemorrhagic fever, 1,080 cases were confirmed to be Ebola, Anadolu News Agency quoted the health ministry as saying.

As many as 345 people have recovered from the Ebola virus and 80 others are being treated for the deadly disease, it added.

While 66 people died after contracting haemorrhagic fever, it could not be ascertained whether they lost their lives due to Ebola, DR Congo’s health ministry further said.

This is the world’s second deadliest Ebola outbreak since the virus killed 11,000 people in West Africa in 2014.
Ebola first appeared in 1976 in Sudan, followed by DR Congo. The virus can be transmitted to humans from wild animals. Symptoms of the disease include fever, severe headache, and haemorrhaging.

In the 2014 outbreak, the Ebola virus infected approximately 28,600 people in the Western African countries of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.