Ebara introduces ICT control technology for water pumps

Fujisawa [Japan]: The Ebara Corporation is a Japanese industrial equipment manufacturer with over 100 years of history producing machinery, including water pumps.

The company has also introduced a water pump with advanced technology and Near-field communication (NFC) function.

At its plant in Fujisawa, Ebara Corporation produces pumps, which are used in various places such as condominiums, office buildings and factories in Japan as well as abroad.

Visitors can have a look at the exhibition corner and see that Ebara has production bases in many different countries. With such a long history, Ebara continues to introduce new pumps using advanced technology.

Kazuhiro Kaneda, an Ebara official said, “Our water pumps for buildings and condominiums have been sold for a long time because our products are considered to be capable of handling any situation. These products are mostly used for water supply and integral function at all times because any stopping will cause a water supply shortage. It is very important how fast the machine can recover if it is stopped, at the same time it is necessary for it to be inspected every day. By using smartphone device apps, people can easily ensure the status of the water supply.”

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that enables communication between devices in distance of less than 10 cm.

At Ebara Corporation office, systems equipped with NFC functions can be seen in various places such as office doors and the staff canteens. NFC system has a very familiar presence surrounding the office environment.

Ebara also puts great efforts in introducing the NFC system for the products and has announced the production of water supply pump with NFC systems for the market.

“By installing a dedicated app on your smartphone in advance, everyone can check operation status of the water supply pump by simply touching the display part of the smartphone. To check operation status used to be inconvenient. As a result, it is possible to confirm operation situation immediately by using a smartphone. Acquired information can be transmitted through the mail, and it will always be possible to understand accurate information and to do inspection and maintenance efficiently,” Kaneda added,

The latest water supply pump with NFC function will be introduced for not only Japanese domestic market, but also overseas, and it is expected that more convenient functions will be delivered worldwide in the near future.

The long-term development efforts and the history of technology in Japan contribute to the improvement of lives in countries around the world. (ANI)