Eating more fibre can help you trim your waistline

London: Scientists have discovered that eating more fibre can help trim one’s waistline and combat obesity.

Fibre can be found in whole grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes, and it is recommended we consume around 30g a day.

In the research, the scientists revealed that fibre intake could affect weight, as well as blood sugar, insulin sensitivity and bowel health.

The study points out that the food group can be as important to a healthy diet as counting calories.

This is because fibre helps promote gut health by being consumed as fuel by ‘good’ bacteria during digestion.

They discovered that low-fibre diets led to weight gain, high blood sugar, and insulin resistance in mice.

Talking about the research, Gunnar C Hansson, a study author from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, said, “Diets that lack fibre alter the bacterial composition and bacterial metabolism, which in turn causes defects to the inner mucus layer, something that triggers inflammation and ultimately metabolic disease.”

In May, another study had revealed that a high-fibre diet could ease painful knee osteoarthritis.

After looking at the diets of 4,051 people, they discovered that a high cereal fibre intake reduced symptoms.

The study was published in journal Cell Host & Microbe.(ANI)