Eatala leaves for Australia tour

As part of Empowered Committee of Finance Ministers, Telangana Finance Minister Etala Rajender today left for a study tour to Australia to attend an international conclave focusing on Goods and Services Tax and the policies being adopted by various States and countries and sharing of revenues by Centre and States in various countries.

As part of the program, Rajender will return home on October 6, according to a press release here. Speaking to the media, Rajender said the Centre should clear off the arrears to the States pending for quite some time. “We welcomed the GST plan which should be implemented without harming federal spirit of the States to maintain cordial relations with the Centre”, he said. “The Centre cannot dictate terms to the States through GST which should not hamper economic interests of the States”, he remarked. The International conference will focus on GST policies of the States and the Centre and preparation of plans to suit the States’ economic development and improve its financial prospects through need-based policies. (NSS)