Eat sesame rich food to reduce oxidative stress

New York: Intake of sesame rich food has many health benefits and the antioxidant boosting properties, especially sesame oil, can have a significant effect on oxidative stress, a new study has found.

After multiple clinical trials, researchers reported increased levels of antioxidants and a reduction in oxidative stress with sesame consumption, particularly for individuals with hypertension and with Type 2 diabetes.

Luciana de Almeida Vittori Gouveia and co-authors from Rio de Janeiro State University and Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil, assessed the effects of consuming sesame-based ingredients on markers of oxidative stress in people with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

The study was published in Journal of Medicinal Food.

“In addition to the clinical trial results reviewed in this article, preclinical studies have also shown that sesame oil is very effective in preventing atherosclerosis,” said Sampath Parthasarathy from University of Central Florida.

The article effects of the intake of sesame seeds (Sesamm indicum L.) and derivatives on oxidative stress: A Systematic Review includes further discussion of the potential positive effects of sesame on different populations.