Easy tips to pick dips for snacks

New Delhi: Pairing food with different dips can be very confusing, focus on the taste and ingredients of the dip while deciding the accompaniments, says an expert.

Naresh Guglani, Corporate Chef at Del Monte, lists some simple tips to get it right.

* Tandoori mayo bliss: What can be tastier than a tandoori mayo which is an exquisite blend of mayo, tandoori spices and herbs. This mayonnaise can be used as a dip for all your favourite snacks be it paneer tikka or chicken tikka.

* Tartare dip fun: This vegetarian version of a classic tartare sauce is created by blending eggless mayo, chopped gherkins and parsley. It is a must-have accompaniment to fish fingers, beer-batter fried fish and chips. It also accompanies crumb-fried prawns or squids equally well. For vegetarians, this dip can be paired with fried or crispy fried snacks such as potato wedges, cheese shots, hash browns.

* Cheesy garlic mayo: This can be used as a dip for all baked, fried or grilled snacks like pizza, nuggets, fries, onion rings. For health freaks, lace it over steamed broccoli and asparagus and this will make a tasty snack.

* Cheesy dip: Cheesy dip tastes good with fries, carrot and cucumber salad, chicken malaai kebab, sweet corn on the cob.

* Mint mayo mania: Vegetable rolls made with mint mayo is the tastiest escape for anyone from that regular boredom. Create veggie wraps using tortillas, crunchy veggies and a dollop of mint mayo to have that irresistible taste. Using it as a dip with seekh kebabs, aloo tikki’s will also be a surprising change to your taste buds.