Easy to overthrow a govt, harder to know impact: Bernie Sanders on US foreign policy

American Senator, Bernie Sanders while delivering a speech on foreign policy said “Not only do we need to begin a more vigorous debate about foreign policy, but we also need a better understanding of what foreign policy is.”
Sanders, who was in Fulton for receiving an honorary degree from Westminster College in September this year, said: “Politicians can give a speech about how bad a dictator is or regime is and we’re going to go in and clean it up.”
Sanders also threw light on history with Iran and said, in 1953, Unites States on behalf of Western oil interest supported the overthrow of Iran’s elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh. What would Iran look like today, if their democratic government had not been overthrown, he questioned.
The US Senator further asked: “What impact did that American led coup have on the entire region? What consequences are we still living with today?”
Sanders also mentioned Vietnam and said, according to a discredited ‘Domino Theory’, the French were replaced by the United States intervening in a civil war leading to deaths of millions. “We must not forget that 58,000 brave young Americans also died in that war,” he added.
“It is reasonably easy to engineer the overthrow of a government or a regime. It is far harder, however, to know the long-term impact of the action,” he said.

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