‘Easy Internet access leading minors to sexual offence’

Greater Noida: Days after a class XI student was apprehended for holding a 12-year-old girl captive and attempting to rape her, prominent citizens here blamed easy access to Internet for sexual desire among many minors.

Indian Medical Association’s Noida president Dr A K Aggarwal said, “Easy access to Internet through smartphones has contributed in increasing the sexual desire among minors.”

Instead of going through educational websites, many students surf porn sites. Movies provide them ideas about different ways of kidnapping. Young mind is prone to get attracted to porn and crime,” Dr Aggarwal said.

All India Women Conference representative Raksha Shukla said, “It is very difficult to check web surfing habit of children.”

“If parents stop them, then it increases their urge to visit such sites. The society has to inculcate moral values among children,” she said.

Juvenile Observation Home superintendent Nem Chand said, “At present there are 130 juvenils at the home. Around 20 per cent of them are involved in sexual assault cases.”

Jewar police station SHO Rajpal Singh Tomar today said, “The accused has been sent to the observation home on remand. The victims statement will be recorded befor the magisterate.