Earth Sciences Ministry to use GAIATV to disseminate alerts to 350 m users

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) : The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), which is affiliated to the Ministry of Earth Sciences, has awarded Gaian Solutions India Pvt. Ltd the tender for integrated dissemination system (IDS) for ocean information and advisory services.

Gaian’s IDS-with state-of-the-art customizations for INCOIS- will disperse ocean information, coastal weather reports, natural calamities and advisory services publicly to the entire country and privately within the INCOIS community in a structured manner; thereby safeguarding the interests of the public and private entities in the country.

GAIATV platform’s foundational components in content delivery with real-time analytics and feedback, autonomous content delivery planning, communication infrastructure fabric monitoring, TV and mobile app frameworks, open information architecture, and information security make it the ideal choice for INCOIS IDS with an eye for the long haul.

Today, in the content delivery PaaS arena, GAIATV platform serves businesses as diverse as billion dollar enterprises for their corporate communication needs, federal emergency warning centers with real-time alert dissemination requirements, public transport networks broadcasting live streams of contextual real time information, retail chains looking for sales closures out of impactful content branding as well as entertainment service providers with a constant need to delight consumers. This speaks volumes about the versatility of GAIATV platform and its treatment of unique content delivery challenges in diverse ecosystems.

GAIATV’s core platform blueprint, it’s open API architecture, it’s ease of customization and adaptation along with its purity of design architecture in treating horizontal design principles like scalability, security, analytics, and automation ensured this 8 year contract win for Gaian Solutions amidst stiff international competition. GAIATV platform beat out incumbent alert solution providers with decades of alerting solutions experience to win this prestigious opportunity with the government.

Gaian’s CEO Chandra S Kotaru, said “This win is a testament to GAIATV platform’s ability to serve diverse markets with highly unique content delivery needs and challenges. To be selected as the technology partner to the govt. of India for such a critical life saving content delivery and information dissemination requirement is a matter of great honor and a validation of our position as industry thought leaders in the business of impactful and effective content delivery. Our goal with INCOIS IDS is to ensure that messages/alerts reach the right people at the right time, especially during emergencies when communication mediums break and reaching out to the masses is extremely challenging. As part of this initiative by INCOIS, Gaian is set to operate India’s mass alerting system.”

Gaian’s Head of Content Management Girish Mahadevan, remarked “In a connected world of information overload and ever proliferation of personal devices, efficiently delivering information/alerts that can actually grab attention and ensure immediate read is very challenging. A life saving tsunami arrival early warning alert MMS message could easily be lost on a user’s phone that is being constantly bombarded with other trivial information from friends, family and businesses. GAIATV platform’s prowess in content curation, customization, programmability, and delivery provides an unmatched content consumption experience that can truly grab attention and therefore directly result in saving lives.” (ANI)