E-mail based tax assessment facility extended to two more cities

New Delhi: Paperless/e-mail based assessment of tax, which was launched on a pilot basis for the financial year 2015-16 in five cities, has now been extended in two more cities.

The e-mail based assessment was initially launched Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, and now it has been extended to Hyderabad and Kolkata as well.

It shall now be open for all the taxpayers assessed in these seven cities, whose cases have been selected to opt for being scrutinized under the e-mail based paperless assessment proceedings by giving their consent.

However, in case of practical difficulties in submission of scanned copies of voluminous documents through e-mail, the documents can be sent to an assessing officer in physical form after recording reasons for the same.

The CBDT has further asked the taxpayers in these seven cities to convey their consent to their respective Assessing Officers in order to avail the facility of e-mail based paperless assessment proceedings. (ANI)