E-bikes could be the next big tool in combating Delhi’s pollution

New Delhi : National capital New Delhi appears to be getting ready to lap up electric two wheelers, as over 18,000 people used Hero Electric complimentary E-bikes for last mile connectivity rides during the January 1 to January 15 odd-even vehicle rationing phase.

The enthusiastic endorsement of Hero Electric’s complimentary last mile connectivity rides proved that with the right policy, infrastructure and financial schemes, electric two-wheelers could be the next big tool in combating vehicular pollution in the national capital without impacting mobility.

The initiative also got the support of Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Health Minister Satyendar Kumar Jain, Environment Minister Imran Hussain and Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra who rode E-Bikes and E-Bicycles to commute to their respective offices.

Hero Electric Ltd. deployed over 100 E-bikes bikes at more than 10 strategic locations during the Odd-Even phase in Delhi to give complimentary last mile rides to office goers during morning and evening rush hours.

For the record, Delhi has over 65 lakh two wheelers and pollution caused by two-wheelers per litre of petrol is far more than that of four-wheeler combustion.

In comparison, Delhi has only about 60,000 E-bikes on record. Experts believe if a large scale migration from fuel fired two-wheelers to green bikes could be achieved, as visualized in the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, there would be a substantive reduction in carbon emission and humungous long term environmental and health benefits for city’s residents.

As per studies, every one lakh electric vehicles in place of conventional two-wheelers means a reduction of 1, 50,000 (1.5 lakh) tons of carbon emissions in three years.

During this activity Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) took a survey from people and their responses are as below:

1. Majority of 18000 commuters were concerned about increasing pollution levels in Delhi and were inclined towards cleaner alternatives. They felt happy & comfortable in riding electric bikes.

2. Around 4000 got keenly interested in purchasing of electric scooters provided that we offer them longer life batteries & higher speeds.

3. Most of the respondents felt that Electric 2 Wheelers are indeed a real solution to curb pollution considering the fact that petrol 2 wheelers are one of the major contributors to pollution.

“Intention to migrate to green mobility solution is very much there as proven in the feedback given by 18000 Commuter who used our services although a high speed more efficient Lithium Ion based electric vehicle will be ideal for city such as Delhi. Delhi Govt. Support is anticipated to create necessary conducive eco system by incentivizing the customers directly and also provide robust charging infrastructure. There can’t be better time than now as a positive momentum has been gained during the odd-even phase,” said Sohinder Gill, Director, Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV).

“It is very much possible to have a population of 2 lakh E-bikes within 2 years with little but right support at the ground level,” added Gill.

Talking about infrastructure deficiencies, Gill pointed out that the industry has a capability to set up more than 1,000 charging stations within three months but proper space at convenient spots needed to be provided by the government for this to happen.

“Once the city is well populated with charging infrastructure, it will further incentivize people to opt for E-bikes,” he said. (ANI)