Dy CM Says CM favours more schemes in Sub-Plan

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari today stressed the need for making amendments to the existing SC, ST Act 2013 and enabling it to introduce new schemes of welfare for social inclusion and financial empowerment of Dalits and Tribals.


Srihari chaired a sub-committee meeting on Sub-Plan attended by Minister A Chandulal, G Jagadish Reddy, MPs, MLAs and MLCs. Dalit and Tribals Sub-Plan held a review meeting on the existing schemes. The minister said that it was decided to make amendments to the sub plan and make it an Act as per Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s directive. With an in-depth study into Dalits and Tribals lifestyle, social and economic situations a comprehensive sub-plan will be submitted to the government before the budget session 2017-18 begins in February he said.


Efforts are being made by the government to see that the Dalits and Tribals become industrialists and get financial boost through loans and schemes. Next two meeting will be conducted on February 4 and 10 to make suitable recommendations including amendments for the cause of these two classes. The draft will have recommendations to empower the two classes become businessmen and entrepreneurs to offer jobs rather than relying on others he noted.


After the final meeting the committee will submit its report to the government. Since Dalits and Tribals are socially and economically lagging behind for decades the TRS Government is determined for the social inclusion and financial empowerment, he averred.


KCR opined that the two classes will lose if no changes are made in the existing act that was passed by Punjab and united Andhra Pradesh. The state Government is taking steps sought by the Centre to replace Plan and Non Plan heads with Revenue Expenditure and Capital Expenditure he said. Comparing KCR to Ambedkar for similar ideas of social inclusion of the SC and STs, Srihari said that sub-plan will be made an Act in the Assembly session.


In a related development the government is opening up residential schools in a big way for these sections. Asking the officials to form a committee and coordinate he directed to give details of sub plans existing and the schemes being implemented to all the MLAs, MPs, MLCs and other people representatives. (NSS)