Dwayne Johnson reflects on fatherhood

Los Angeles: Actor Dwayne Johnson says he doesn’t mind his daughter Jasmine waking him up to play after he has had an exhausting day at work.

The actor took to Instagram to reflect on the ups and downs of fatherhood on Saturday, reports accessonline.com.

“Working late and had only three hours sleep when this tornado busts in our bedroom, jumps on me and pleads with me to get up and take her to my closet (she keeps toys in my closet) to play,” he wrote.

“We get there and then — surprise — she refuses to play and just wants me to hold her while she makes fart noises.”

Despite his exhaustion, Johnson powered through, remembering the sweet side of Jasmine’s antics.

“Tired as all hell, but thought there’s going to come a time, years from now, when jumping in my arms is the last thing she wants to do and ain’t going to be cool anymore,” he reflected.

“So I’ll always take these moments while I can,” added the father of three.

He also shared a photograph of the father-daughter moment. Johnson can be seen cradling Jasmine, two, in his arms as she pursed her lips.