Duty Of Institutions To Instill In Their Students A Love For Motherland: President

Dehradun: President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday said it is the duty of institutions to instill in students a love for their motherland, a sense of responsibility towards society and compassion.

“It is the duty of our institutions to instill in their students a love for their motherland, a sense of responsibility towards their society, and a compassion for all,” President Mukherjee said while addressing the first convocation of Swami Rama Himalayan University in Dehradun.

He said that mere expansion of higher educational institutions was not enough and they must provide quality education.

“The research areas should be prioritised so as to solve specific socio-economic problems. The higher education system should produce sound professionals with a strong social sensitivity,” he said.

It is the President’s first visit to Uttarakhand since it was put under the Central rule on Sunday.

Uttarakhand Governor KK Paul was also present during the function.

President Mukherjee advised the students not to be anxious about their future and learn to live in the present.

“Past is history; future is mystery; so, focus on your present. Your future will be the outcome of your actions in the present,” he said.

The President said old ideas and approaches that no longer serve any purpose should give way to better ideas.

“It is your creativity that can usher in change. So, proceed in the journey of life with an attitude to learn and an aptitude to think new,” President Mukherjee said.

He said a university is the apex of the education system and it Is therefore incumbent on higher educational institutions to provide quality education to transform the entire education system.

President Mukherjee said mere expansion of higher education by establishing more centres of higher learning in not enough.

Unless we provide quality education to these young minds, the objective of preparing them into capable, confident and committed individuals will not be met, President Mukherjee said.

The demographic dividend that we talk about will fructify if we can provide the growing number of our youth good education, knowledge and skills, he said.