DuPont launches affordable solutions for fruit drinks in South Asia

New Delhi [India]: In response to consumers’ growing demand for more affordable ready-to-serve fruit beverages, flavor stability and on-trend ingredients, DuPont Nutrition and Health launches a new range of GRINDSTED® JU Systems for the South Asia market.

The new development comes in light of the FSSAI notice dated December 24, 2015, which allows use of various other hydrocolloids – permitted singly or in-combination in non-carbonated water-based flavored drinks, including punches and ades.

The new GRINDSTED® system blends, JU 543 and JU 4801 offer cost-in-use advantage over existing solutions in the market with a comparable mouthfeel and viscosity. These are also ‘ambient soluble stabilizers’ which translates to easy handling, just right for the Indian topography.

“Consumers’ preference for affordable, convenient and delicious beverages continues to grow year after year,” said Parth Patel, business director, South Asia, DuPont Nutrition and Health.

“To provide consumers with better-for-you options that taste great and align with their daily needs, we have created a range of innovative systems solutions using on-trend ingredients that complement every lifestyle and occasion,” added Patel.

South Asia is witnessing tremendous growth but consumer tastes still remain cost driven. The demographics indicate population growth and a developing middle-class that demands new flavor experiences at a price point that doesn’t pinch their pockets. GRINDSTED® JU Systems harness the power of synergy between various hydrocolloids, offering improved mouthfeel and better suspension at low concentrations, thus providing significant cost savings.

To be accepted by the consumer, ready-to-serve (RTS) fruit beverages need to have a natural taste, rich flavor and refreshing mouthfeel. Like any other beverage, they must be processed and packaged to withstand the rigors of a distribution system. The JU System solutions are tailor made to provide optimum stability and viscosity in RTS fruit beverages. They are easy to apply, helping improve production efficiency.

“GRINDSTED® JU Systems have been designed with DuPont’s expertise in beverage applications. These newly launched products have the right combination of hydrocolloids offering optimum functionality for texture, viscosity, and stability,” adds Karuna Jayakrishna, senior application specialist, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

Food safety regulator, FSSAI has finalized 12,000 standards for food additives and ingredients in line with global safety standards Codex. With the global food industry looking towards India as a food hot-spot, this new regulation on food additives which is aligned with Codex encourages innovation and facilitates trade without compromising consumer safety. As a result, we will see new food and beverage products hitting the market and clearance on many pending product approvals which fall under the ambit of this new regulation.

According to Surender Kamal, regulatory manager, South Asia, “A large majority of fruit beverages in India are sold as ‘ready-to-serve fruit beverages’ which are now covered under the category ‘water-based flavored drinks (non-carbonated)’ where hydrocolloid blends are now allowed.”

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