Dumped girlfriend brings DJ outside boyfriend’s house, dances to ‘Tere Ishq Me Nachege’

NEW DELHI: A video of girl dancing in the middle of the road outside her ex-boyfriend’s house is going viral on the internet.

According to sources, the video uploaded by Sandeep Sehwag on his social account captioned that ‘a drunk girl was dancing in front of her boyfriend’s house in Helmandi, Pataudi city of Gurugram.

It was alleged that the boyfriend dumped her and girl resorted to music and brought a DJ outside her ex-lover’s house and danced to sad songs.

In a video, the heartbroken girl is seen dancing on Amir Khan’s and Karisma Kapoor-starrer Raja Hindustani’s song ‘ Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge’ alone on a DJ.

The girl seems to be drunk in the video and there were total 4 videos of girl dancing on all heart-wrenching songs.

It hasn’t been confirmed that she is actually drunk or simply high on frustration for being cheated.