Dump expensive mobile covers from the market and create these DIY ones

New Delhi: One of the best ways to develop your creativity is to engage in Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts. To begin with, you can try your hands on phone covers.

Here are a few ideas which you can use to make your own “self-customised” phone covers. You can do wonders with ordinary stationery items using the methods mentioned below.

For the following techniques, a transparent back cover is required.

  • Polka dot case: Polka dots are an evergreen pattern that never go out of style, especially for phone cases used by girls and women. Simply take different ‘nail art’ paint colours of your choice. Take a transparent back case cover, and paste a complementary shade paper on the hollow side. Now on its platform side, pour the dots of your choice and leave them so that the paint could set its texture.
  • Leaf pattern case: The leaf pattern is one of the most sought after looks for phone cases. The leaf pattern cases are a bit expensive but with DIY, you can get them at a much cheaper price. Take a complementary shade of the size of your phone. Now take other coloured sheets of which you want the leaves to be. Cut different patterned leaves from the sheets and paste them on the complementary shade sheet. With the help of a Fevi stick, paste your craft on the hollow side of the cover. (For more detailing, paste original dried leaves. You can colour them if you want your case to be colourful.)
  • Glitter phone case: Glitter shade cases are one of the most common mobile back covers. From the market, one may not get shades as per choice but with the help of your own art, you can create the one that you desire. The easiest way to create these types of covers is to purchase glitter sheet paper from a stationery shop and cut it according to the dimensional measure of your phone. Place the cutout at the back of your phone and cover it with a transparent case.
  • Quotation cover: Getting a perfect quotation that hits hard every time you see it is not easy when it comes to mobile cover cases. To create one, repeat the complementary shade technique that was mentioned in the first point. Take a slip on which you can write your favourite quote. Stick the slip on the shading sheet and place it beneath the transparent phone case. To give it a detailed look, take a printout of the quotation on a slip of paper, and repeat the rest of the process.
  • Textured covers: Textured covers look classy for phones and the method to create them at home is trouble-free too. To create one, take a patterned cloth that you can spare. Cut the cloth with a hard sheet according to the dimensions of your phone cover. With fabric glue, paste the cloth on the sheet. Now place the sheet beneath your transparent phone cover.