Dubbing for ‘Captain America’ in Hindi challenging: Varun

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan says it was a fun but challenging experience for him to voice the popular superhero character of Captain America in Hindi.
The “Dilwale” actor has given his voice in the Hindi dubbed version of Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, “Captain America: Civil War”.

“I’ve never done something like that creatively so it was a challenge for me. I enjoyed the whole process but it was creatively very fun to do,” Varun told reporters here.

The 28-year-old actor, who unveiled special “Captain America” figurine flown specially from Hollywood, has voiced the character originally played by Hollywood star Chris Evans.

Varun said he had the chance to meet Evans but could not make it as he was busy preparing for a film back home.

“I actually had the opportunity (to meet Evans) because they were down in Singapore. Disney did organise for me to go there and meet the team but I unfortunately couldn’t (go) as I am preparing for another film I am doing.”
The “Badlapur” actor, however, is happy the Hollywood star appreciated his dubbed version.

“That (His compliment) means a lot to me because eventually it is his character, he has brought it to life in so many films, I am voicing it here in Hindi so I have to keep the tone the same… The honesty has to come out.

“For all the things he said, that I was very honest in my portrayal does mean the world to me. That’s why I did it, not for any other reason. And for the kids.”

Recently, another Hollywood biggie, “The Jungle Book”, stormed the Indian box office, raking in more than Rs 100 crore within just two weeks.

The film has collected more money than most of the Bollywood films released this year and Varun says the reason could be the story’s Indian connect.

“’Jungle Book’, I believe and feel, is an Indian film. We can’t forget Mowgli, I think we all have grown up on him, watched the cartoon as well. When ‘Jungle Book’ was being made we adopted it saying it is our film. The story is based in India so that is also one of the reasons.”

“The Jungle Book” has become the highest grossing Hollywood film in India, breaking the previous record held by “Fast and Furious 7”.

Varun says even though Hollywood films are doing great business, they can’t take over Bollywood. “I don’t agree that Hollywood will ever takeover Bollywood. I don’t like the term Bollywood. Our industry is very original in its own sense. We have great talented people.”

“Captain America: Civil War” releases in India on May 6 in 3D, IMAX and 2D. It will be released in four languages English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.