Dubai: Condolences pour in for devastated mother on losing her Seven kids

Dubai: Condolences pour in for devastated mother on losing her Seven kids

Fujairah: The recent death of seven children to fire outbreak in their room in Fujairah shook many mothers, with condolences pouring in for the mother of seven who is devasted on losing her seven children to fire in Rol Didana area.

Ras Al Khaimah Sports and Cultural Club call to mothers, grandmothers, educators has made people come out to offer their condolences to the distressed mother.

All the seven children of Salima Al Saridi were suffocated to death due to the smoke after their room caught fire.

The devastated mother who is in her thirties said she is helpless and should accept her fate and destiny. She said, “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return,” and that, “I shall live on their memories, and recall their words in which they were bidding her farewell.”

She also added that her children always wished to meet their father who lost his life five years ago due to a chronic disease.

The agonized mother said about the twins, whom she gave birth a month later her husband’s demise, were talking about their father’s death just hours before the incident that took their lives.

“They grew up fast,” she said. “I have been everything for them; their father, mother and friend.”

Narrating her mother’s story one of the Al Saridi’s sisters said the hardships she has gone through in her life are worth being narrated. She said, “This is because of the so many hardships and challenges I have been through on my own.”

“The only one who was supporting and comforting me were my kids. Though I am trying to be patient, my mother does not stop crying over their loss and that is what I cannot take and tears my heart,” said the mother, reported Khaleej Times.