Du-Ba-Du, SiasatMatri presents episode 9 for second marriages on May 2

Hyderabad: After receiving an amazing response for the past eight episodes of the matrimonial video series, Siasat Matri and Du-ba-Du are back with an episode exclusively meant for people looking for second marriages. The episode 9 is going to be released at 3 p.m. on May 2. 

It can be watched on YouTube (Click Here). So set your reminders to avail the opportunity to find the right life partner. 

Due to the huge popularity of the video series, alliance seekers are eagerly waiting for it as they can access the biodata of prospective brides and grooms from the comfort of their home.

Eight episodes of the series have helped many alliance seekers in finding better half.

Are you looking for second marriage profiles?

If you are looking for second marriage profiles, episode 9 can be beneficial. In the episode, only profiles of persons who are looking for second marriages will be showcased.

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Are you still unaware of the episodes of the series?

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If you take membership now, your profile will be showcased in Episode 10.

How earlier episodes helped alliance seekers?

As one can see in the below video, the profiles and their basic details along with the requirements are showcased.


On the one hand, siasatmatri members can shortlist profiles based on the details provided in the episode, on the other, their profiles too will gain a lot of publicity as their bio-data will be showcased in the video.

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Ramzan offer

Recently, Siasatmatri also launched ramzan package, a special offer that is irresistible as it includes a wide range of services at the cheapest price ever.

In the package, you will get many services including 400 contacts, 900 profile views, one-year validity, featured profile for three months, personal account manager etc. The alliance seekers who take the package will also get three postings in Siasat Newspaper.

Apart from it, their profiles will be showcased in the episodes of siasatmatri and Du-ba-Du’s video matrimony for the next three months

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