Du Ba Du programme need for the hour

Dr. Shabistan Ghaffar Director and Chairman All India Confederation for Women (New Delhi) said Women can play the most effective role in society reformation. Dowry and other evils prevalent in various states of India are the result of intermingling of different cultures, whereas Islam strongly opposes such evils. She was addressing the 50th Du Ba Du programme, organised by Siasat and Minority Development Forum, here at S A Imperial Garden, Tolichowki, as chief guest. She lauded the matrimonial alliance services provided by Siasat and said that the movement should be extended across India.

Mrs. Zaheer Fatima President Women’s Wing Jamaat-e-Islami Greater Hyderabad in her presidential address said that parents should keep in view Islamic teachings while seeking alliance for their children. She urged groom’s parents not to put conditions which overburden bride’s parents.

Prof Moin Ansari, Dr. Shaheda Ansari and other dignitaries graced the occasion. A large number of parents and guardians of prospective brides and grooms attended the programme.

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