Du-ba-Du program: Maharashtra delegation carries good impression

Hyderabad: A delegation of social activists from Pune, Mumbai and Latur attended 94th Du-ba-Du program held in Hyderabad. It consisted of Mr. Ikramul Jabbar Khan, Retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Pune, Mr. Vilayat Ahmed Basley (Mumbai), Mr. Rabbani Bagwan (Latur), Mr. Saleemullah (Pune) and others.

They inspected various counters of the program. They were very much impressed with the counters wherein arrangements were made for the matrimonial alliances for the second marriage and the physically handicapped persons.

Mr. Ikram-ul-Jabbar told that there was a time when many girls remained without marriage since their parents were not able to fulfill the demands of dowry. They were forced to marry Arab citizens. The steps taken by Siasat Urdu Daily cannot be forgotten.

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