Du-ba-Du program held on April 22, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan stresses on simpler marriages

Hyderabad: The situation in the country and abroad has become unfavourable. A large number of parents are working in America, Australia, Japan and Canada but the problems of marriages of their sons and daughters have become very serious.

Siasat and Millat Fund propagated the slogan, “Make marriages simpler”. This is creating a good impact. People are demanding that such programs should be held in America and Gulf countries also. Due to recent regulation of Saudi Govt., Indians are in a very bad condition.

These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing 84th Du-ba-Du Matrimonial Alliances Program held at New Star Function Hall, Mehdipatnam on 22nd April. Mr. Syed Murtuza Iftekhar Mehdi, proprietor of New Star Function Hall was the guest of honour. Present on this occasion were Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin, Lok Ayukta, Dr. Nazin Ali, Dr. Syadat Ali, Mr. Ilyas Pasha, Meer Anwaruddin and others.

Continuing his address, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that Du-ba-Du program had gained universal popularity. There is a need to organize such programs in every locality of Hyderabad. Parents leaving their families go to other countries to earn their livelihood and send their savings here but their family members spend this money on trivial needs. If Muslims refrain from taking dowry and economize their marriage expenses, they could become a great community of the world. He lamented that Muslims are being killed everywhere. Atrocities on minor children have increased. There is a need to take the message of performing marriages in a simpler way to every house.

Dr. Siyadat Ali told that Muslims were sent to this world with a greater mission but they violated it. Islam teaches that the hand that gives is better than the hand which receives.

Mr. Anwaruddin was incharge of Engineering counter. Mr. Zahed Farooqui took charge of Medicine counter. Dr. Siyadat Ali, Dr. Durdana were taking care PG counter. Mr. Syed Nazimuddin, Mr. Riyazunnisa, Ms. Amena Fatima were incharge of graduates section. Syed Ilyas Basha, Mr. Nazim Ali, Ms. Mohammadi and Ms. Maher were responsible for SSC counter. Ms. Kauser Jahan, Ms. Mehroz were taking care of second marriage counter.

In the program, 150 girls and 80 boys got registered. The program was live on Facebook, Skype and YouTube. Many parents and guardians met Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily and congratulated him for the services Siasat is offering.

Mr. Zahed Farooqui conducted the program and welcomed the audience and guests. Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin Asad, Coordinator offered guidance to parents and guardians. He also thanked the management of New Star Function Hall.

–Siasat News