Du Ba Du Golden Jubilee programme on Nov. 15

The 50th Golden Jubilee Du Ba Du programme will be held on Sunday, November 15, from 10 am to 4 pm, at S A Imperial Garden, Tolichowki. Only ladies will be allowed to attend the programme. Gents are strictly not allowed. On the repeated demands of parents and guardians, Du Ba Du programme exclusively for ladies is being held for the second time. Earlier the first ladies exclusive programme was held on November 1.

Parents and guardians will be permitted to bring prospective brides to the programme. Senior most male counsellors will also be available in limited numbers, along with lady volunteers for guidance and counselling. Ladies are appealed to arrive on time.

For details contact Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Vice President Forum on phone no 9394801526. The programme is being held with the coordination of Mr. Mohammed Moinuddin President Federation of Tolichowki colonies.

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