Du-ba-Du: Dowry demands hinder marriages, many girls remain unmarried, opine parents

Hyderabad: 88th Du-ba-Du program was organized by Millat Fund and Siasat Urdu Daily at Royal Regency Function Hall on Sunday, 21st October.

A large number of parents and guardians of boys and girls to be married attended the program. They contacted each other and introduced themselves. There is every possibility that marriage alliances will be settled amicably.

Most of the parents and guardians had the opinion that due to dowry demands, most of the girls remained unmarried.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin, Dy. Director (Investigation) of Lok Ayukta stressed the need for the parents and guardians to create awareness for eradicating dowry system. He further told that if no awareness is created, the married couple will not be able to lead a peaceful life. Taking into consideration this aspect, Siasat and Millat Fund have constituted a pre-marriage counselling center. It will help the boys and girls to lead a pleasant matrimonial life following Islamic principles.

Noted Jurists and Islamic Scholars will provide guidance to the boys and girls to be married.

Dr. Shaikh Siyadath Ali told that the Muslims are prosperous due to foreign jobs but these days, these opportunities are shrinking. If the Muslims unite together following the principles of Islam, many problems in matrimonial matters could be resolved.

Seated on the dias were Mr. Ilyas Basha, Mr. Mohammed Nazimuddin, Mr. Anwaruddin, Mr. Saleh bin Abdullah Bahaziq, Shahed Husain and others.

As usual, separate counters were setup for Medicines, Engineering, post graduation and other courses. Mr. Shahid Husain and Mr. Anwaruddin took care of Engineering counter whereas Dr. Durdana was the incharge of Medicine Counter.

Dr. Siyadat Ali, Ms. Lateefunnisa made the arrangements at PG counter. Mr. Ilyas Basha, Mr. Syed Nazimuddin, Lateefunisa, Rayeesunisa attended at the graduation counter. Saleh bin Abdullah, Taskeen Shahana took care of SSC, Alim Fazil counter. Ms. Sania, Shehnaz attended at the handicaps and late marriages counters. Rehana Nawaz took care of remarriage counter.

Registration started at 11 a.m. and continued till 4 p.m. 260 girls and 150 boys were registered. 52000 persons watched the program online.

Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin Asad, Coordinator of the program informed that a large number of parents and guardians attended the function.

Most of their parents and guardians met Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan and thanked him for the successful mission of matrimonial alliances and hoped that such programs will help promote healthy relations among the people.

An announcement was made that the next program would be held at Regal Convention Hall, Bandlaguda on 28th October.

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