Dry skin becomes the new worry, doctors blame sanitisers

Hyderabad: Wearing a mask has become a troublesome process. Wearing it for longer durations is causing fungal infections. Especially, behind the  ears, right where the straps of a mask would hold the protective gear in place.

Premal who works five days a week, said that he has barely managed to give his skin time to heal. “Two days are not enough for the infection to heal, and going out mask-less is not an option. I use ointments prescribed by the doctor and over the weekend a new layer of skin develops, but an hour into Monday morning, the itching starts and by the end of the day, my skin is back to being itchy and red,” said Premal.

In almost all the household complaints of dry, irritated and itchy skin have become a recurring problem since COVID-19 took over our lives, bringing with it the compulsory use of high- alcohol level sanitizers, latex gloves and masks.

Masks became an essential wardrobe addition as they prevent the spread of the COVID-19 through an infected person’s cough and sneeze droplets. The droplets can also contaminate surfaces, which means wearing gloves and maintaining a minimum distance from people became standard. Moreover, doctors have advised constant washing of hands, for 20 seconds each time, and sanitising to ensure any inadvertent infection would be dealt with.