‘Drunkard rats’ find their way to police storerooms in ‘dry’ Bihar

Patna: In Bihar, rats are stealing liquor from police storerooms where confiscated alcohol is being kept. According to the report published in The Times of India, the police in Kaimur district of Bihar have “found 200 beer cans confiscated by police and kept in the storeroom with holes”.

The theft was suspected to have been made by none other than “alcohol-craving rats”, because Kumari Anupama Singh, sub-divisional magistrate, has revealed that ‘only cans and cartons have been damaged. All the cans are in place (none were missing) but most were leaking and empty’.

As reported by ABPLive similar incident also occurred earlier in which alcohol was found missing from 11,584 bottles confiscated by the police. In May 2017, “rodents had finished off nine lakh litres of alcohol from police storerooms in Patna”.

An enquiry has been ordered into the incident. Singh will submit a report to the district magistrate for further action.