Drunk Driving: Alleged wrong BAC report lands Hyderabad youth in trouble

Hyderabad: On the Eve of New Year, where a number of offenders were caught during the special drunk-driving check, a software employee was caught by the police at Tadbund Cross-road.

The breathalyzer reported Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of 77, but the 32-year-old techie refuted the charge saying he had not consumed the alcohol and the breathalyzer report is incorrect.

When the police didn’t heed to his argument, he took an auto and rushed to Gandhi Hospital where he underwent a blood test. The test did not show any presence of alcohol. This report was produced before the traffic police on January 1st but has not been cross-verified yet.

This is the second case of alleged malfunctioning of the breathalyzer equipment.

On an earlier occasion, one Syed Zaheeruddin Qadri, checked by the Sultan Bazar Police, refuted the BAC report. He went to Osmania General and got himself examined. OGH issued a medical certificate saying that he was not in a drunken condition.

A senior officer of Trimulgherry traffic team said: “The breathalyzer is the latest gadget and its functioning is beyond doubt. A team will cross-examine the medical report issued by Casualty Medical Officer at Gandhi Hospital before a decision is taken.”