Drunk British groom and his friends face £20,000 fines after Ryanair flight forced to divert

A pilot of Ryanair flight to Bratislava was forced to land his plane in Berlin after six British members of a stag party, including the bridegroom, caused problems on board.

The men, aged 25-28, were part of a group of 12 were hauled off the Ryanair Boeing 737-800 by German police. They were arrested over their drunken antics and becoming aggressive when cabin crew
refused to serve them more alcohol.

A passenger on the flight said that the group were so drunk they ‘struggled to walk’ before boarding at Luton Airport. It is also said that one of the men stripped naked in front of the 170 passengers.

All the six detainees will now face a fine of 25,000 euros (£19,700) each and civil claims from the airline under the Aviation Security Act.