‘Drugged’ LiLo strips down at pal Justin Etzin’s wedding

Washington D.C., Aug. 29 : Looks like Lindsay Lohan made a scene at her millionaire pal Justin Etzin’s lavish wedding as she was witnessed running nude around her villa after the ceremony.

According to sources, the 29-year-old actress was on her phone and painting her nails throughout the ceremony, but when a speaker made fun of her behaviour after the ceremony, the actress got angry and got completely naked, reports Us magazine.

Sources further revealed that while running the ‘Parent Trap’ star was shouting that she had been drugged and that is why she is behaving in such manner.

However, the witnesses confirmed that the actress was walking and talking normally without slurring.

Apart from this, the actress did a lot of drama throughout the wedding weekend, like shouting at guests for taking her pictures.