Drug racket: Software companies are the next target of SIT

Hyderabad: During the interrogation of the drug racket, thrilling information was exposed that the canteens and cafeterias of some software companies are turning into drug centers. It came to limelight that the workers of some software companies are the slaves of narcotic drugs.

Mr. Akun Sabharwal, Director of Enforcement, State Excise has sent a report to Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Secretary, Information Technology about it.

Authentic sources revealed that 20-30% employees working in software companies have become addicts to narcotic drugs. During the interrogation from drug accused Calvin, Quddoos and Nikhel Shetty, SIT got concrete proofs that narcotic drugs were supplied in certain software companies.

Mr. Akun Sabharwal has prepared a list of some IT companies based on the information elicited from the confession statements of the drug accused. This list has been sent to the Govt.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan told that although he received the list of IT companies there are no names of employees who are drug addicts. If 20-30% employees of IT Companies become drug addicts, it may not be possible to suspect these companies.

-Siasat News