Drug-Free Neuro-Muscular Pain Reliever devise launched

For the first time in the country, Hyderabad-based Rithwik Pharma Pvt. Ltd launched advanced drug free neuro-muscular Chronic pain reliever Devise. Dr Kalvakuntla Sanjay, spinal surgeon of Yashoda hospital and Dr Krishnakanth Reddy, neurologist, Missouri, USA, launched the devise here at Tourism Plaza, Begumpet.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kalvakuntla Sanjay and Dr Krishnakanth Reddy said, “This device is an advanced USA patented medical device and FDA cleared product. This device effectively works on nerves, muscle and arthritic problems. It works effectively as professional equipment by self or with the help of family, It can be handled very easily.”

The relief is achieved in a non-pharmaceutical way, naturally, safely and effectively with no side-effects. The device employs Neuro modulation in the form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. When applied near the affected site of painful area, it discharges electrical stimulation to reach underlying nerve and muscle fibers altering and or blocking pain signals through nerves, spinal cord and brain. This leads to enhancement in release pain relieving endogenous natural opioids and Neuro transmitters by modulation of nerve fibers giving pain relief”, they added.

Dr Sumanth, head, physioththerapy, Yashoda Hospital Secunderabad , Gummadi Bhadraiah, MD, Rithwik Pharma Pvt. were present. (NSS)