Drop new Telangana Secretariat plan, Congress tells CM

Hyderabad: Slamming the TRS government’s proposal of constructing a new secretariat complex after demolishing the existing one, Telangana Congress today demanded the move be dropped forthwith as it would lead to wastage of “hundreds of crores” of tax payers’ money.

State Congress chief N Uttamkumar Reddy wrote a letter to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao opposing construction of any new structure to house the headquarters of the administration.

“As the President of Telangana Pradesh Congress, I wish to convey that your government’s decision to demolish the present secretariat complex and construct a new complex at a huge cost of hundreds of crores of rupees is not a judicious decision and is a mere wastage of hundreds of crores of precious tax payers money,” Reddy said in the letter.

Several blocks in the present structure have been built in the recent times, he said.

Reddy found fault with the state government allegedly citing ‘vastu’ defects as the reason for reportedly deciding to demolish the existing complex.

“It is really unfortunate that you have cited ‘vastu defects’ as the reason for demolishing a fully functional secretariat with all buildings having many decades of life left and planning a plush building at a cost of Rs 350 crore.

“In this age and time, spending hundreds of crores of rupees of precious public money because of vastu reason is not justified,” he said.

The state Congress chief said it is “astonishing” that the Advocate General has submitted to the High Court that the present secretariat complex doesn’t meet fire safety regulations.

“How come the secretariat have defects now when Chief Ministers in undivided Andhra Pradesh functioned from the same secretariat complex if the buildings did not meet fire safety standards?” he asked.

It is sad the TRS government has not released funds for farmers’ loan waiver and students’ tuition fee reimbursements, but wants to waste public money on a new secretariat, Reddy alleged.