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Drop of Humanity: Jewish nurse feeds Palestinian baby, after family’s car crash

Drop of Humanity: Jewish nurse feeds Palestinian baby, after family’s car crash
PC: Indian Express

New Delhi: Well the conflict between the two neighbouring countries Israel and Palestine, leading to the destruction of most places, people of Palestine, the hatred leading to deaths of uncountable Palestine’s.

But an extraordinary move by a nurse proves humanity even if it’s just a drop is still alive and that above all motherhood is something which understands and connects mothers irrespective of their race, caste, religion at the same time.

A picture of an Israeli nurse breastfeeding an infant after her Palestinian mother was severely injured in an accident has gone viral on Social Media

In these difficult times, this Jewish nurse Ula Ostrowski-Zak is winning hearts for her motherly gesture on social media.

The infant along with his parents was brought to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital after their car met with an accident. The infant’s father did not survive the collision whereas his mother was severely injured.

After trying hard for seven hours straight to feed the 9-month-old infant Yaman Abu Ramila through the bottle but the boy wouldn’t drink it. It was after trying hard did the Jewish nurse decided to feed the infant herself.

According to a report by the Ynet News, the nurse said “His aunts were surprised that a Jew agreed to breastfeed him, but I told them that every mother would do it,” she said.

The nurse fed the infant five times during her shift and also arranged help for the baby by taking it to Facebook Group of nursing mothers La Leche League, where she posted for help to which many responded to the call and mothers from near and far away places volunteered to come and feed the infant, Indian Express reported.