Driver throws Cigarette butt out of window, here’s what happend next

A driver in China threw a cigarette butt out onto the road and set his own truck on fire. The incident took place in southeast China when a reckless truck driver threw a cigarette butt out of the window while driving.

The driver’s careless act led to the back of his truck catching fire. Luckily, some bystanders rushed to the spot with fire extinguishers and managed to put out the fire.

The driver admitted that he was smoking a cigarette and threw it out, saying that the wind probably blew it to the back of the truck. He is identified by his surname Wu.

Picture: South China Morning Post

Investigators ruled out self-ignition and accepted this theory because the rest of the truck was intact. Self-ignition normally occurs in the front and the middle parts of a vehicle and not at the back.

According to the report published in the South China Morning, Some plastic cages and two bicycles were damaged in the fire, but luckily, nobody was injured.