Driver returns $460,000 to passenger

Buenos Aires, September 01: A bus driver returned a suitcase containing more than $460,000 to a passenger who left it on the vehicle while going to a bank in Argentinean city of San Juan.

Bus driver Alberto Rios got an $80 reward for his efforts from the passenger, a business executive, who said he was under great stress after losing track of the money belonging to the company he works for.

Rios found the suitcase, which contained pesos, dollars and euros, earlier this month while inspecting his bus at the end of a shift, the Diario de Cuyo newspaper reported.

He immediately headed to the intersection where the person he believed the suitcase belonged to had gotten off the bus and found the businessman there.

“When I told my family, I felt good about returning the money. These are the things that test you. I started working with my father when I was 8. He always told me that what’s yours is yours and what’s not is not,” Rios told the newspaper.