Drive against bike riders sans helmets to continue

Hyderabad: As per the guidelines of Supreme Court and High Court, the Hyderabad City Traffic Police was strictly enforcing the law against bike riders without helmet and giving them counseling.
From January to March 21, 2014 the traffic police booked 3,870 cases and on average booked 48 cases per day. Similarly, from January to March 21, 2015, the police booked 4,751 spot cases and 24,414 eHelmet cases totaling 29,165 cases and on average 365 cases per day.
From January to March 21, 2016, the police booked 1,28,044 spot cases, 87,973 eHelmet cases totaling 2,16,017 cases and on average 1601 cases. During March 1 to 21, 1,40,414 cases were booked against bikers without helmet, more than 6000 cases per day. The drive will continue in Hyderabad City to book the violators and also for the safety of the commuters on city roads. (NSS)