Dressing up for unpredictable monsoon

New Delhi [India]: The fresh and pleasant breeze and the rejuvenating rain showers of the monsoon season most certainly provide a much-needed respite from the scorching summer.

However, the season also entails a series of unanticipated and unpleasant experiences every now and then, such as getting caught in a massive traffic jam caused due to water logging, getting drenched in the rain on way to an important meeting, returning home with stains of dirt on your favorite clothes.

While one cannot isolate oneself from these experiences, you can certainly adopt a more monsoon-friendly dressing sense to minimize discomfort. The mantra for the season is comfortable vibrant clothes.

Here are some dressing tips, listed by Monica Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo, for the unpredictable monsoon season:

– Avoid jeans and corduroys

No matter how much you like them, your favorite pairs of jeans and corduroys will cause you a lot of discomfort if you are caught wearing them in a heavy downpour. The following materials soak a lot of water and will not dry up at least for an entire day. Not only will wearing extremely wet clothes cause you a lot of discomfort and unease, it can also make your body damp and prone to fungal and bacterial infections.

– Go for shorts and capris

For obvious reasons, capris, shorts or skirts are the best bet for this season. Not only will they keep you cool and at ease in the summer but will also lessen the discomfort if you get when drenched in a sudden shower. However, make sure your capris or shorts are not body hugging and are fairly loose which will allow them to dry quicker. Shorts are also less likely to catch the dirty stains of water your shoes and others’ throw up while walking on the road.

– Pick some dark and vibrant tunics

Monsoon is also about wearing dark and beautiful colors after spending a few scorching months in pastels. Tunics can be styled with light leggings or capris, along with flat flip flops and offer a highly comfortable dressing experience.

Add some dark hues like navy blues and dark green to your wardrobes and spread vibrancy all around you in the dull, grey cloudy environment.

– Choose loose and light tops

Pack up your favorite long kurtas for the season, as monsoon is no time for showing them off. Not only will these aesthetically pleasing and elaborate dresses weight you down in the rain, you also run the risk of spoiling or damaging them with stains of dirty water. Keep all your short kurtis, roomy tops and light T-shirts ready for everyday wearing. Choose fabrics such as Lycra or polyester which are wrinkle free and light. They also dry quickly as compared to cotton.

– Go for the light checkered formals look

Comfortable and light half-sleeved formal shirts are in vogue this season, offering the perfect office look. For people who cannot wear T-shirts to work, half sleeved formal shirts offer the best alternative.

– Steer clear of transparency

If you are dressed in a transparent top or kurta, the rain can cause real embarrassment. So make sure your monsoon wardrobe comprises of solid and dark colored tops. With them you can even enjoy some carefree moments under the clouds. Wearing solid dress materials also absolves you off the need to wear an undershirt; this is another plus in a situation where you are drenched in a sudden downpour and need your clothes to dry up quickly.

– Add some light wind-cheaters to your wardrobe

You are always advised to carry an ultra light windcheater in your bag. You can quickly pull it over in case of rain and it will help protect your clothes both against the drizzle as well as the logged water being splashed around by vehicles on the road. In case you feel a sudden wave of cold breeze, it will also keep you warm.

– Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear

Wearing comfortable footwear which has a good grip is important to prevent slipping on the road or getting caught in muddy puddles. Waterproof leather slip-ons, floaters or sneakers are ideal choices for this season as they will keep you safe and will not sustain much damage during the rain. These footwear options will also keep you safe from the dirty water puddles. Say bye to your formal shoes at least for few months! (ANI)