DRDO shows interest in acquiring wakf land

Hyderabad: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has written a letter to TS Wakf Board showing interest in acquiring 6 acres and 12 guntas wakf land pertaining to Roshan-ud-Dowla Tomb located at Balapur for extending its research activities.

It may be mentioned that most of the lands pertaining to this area are under the possession of illegal occupants who are plotting it.

It is reported that when the Wakf Board made an attempt to dislodge illegal occupants, they approached the court and obtained injunction order.

Wakf Board is making an attempt to restore the land by commissioning the services of a noted lawyer, Mr. Prakash Reddy.

It may be mentioned that the Wakf Board has all the documents to establish its ownership. If the Wakf Board takes a decision to hand over the land to the DRDO, it might get a handsome amount as compensation. In such a case, the Wakf Board has to get assurance from DRDO that it would protect the tomb and the masjid.