Drake’s ‘double album’ sends Twitter into a frenzy

Washington: Twitter has reacted to the promotions of singer Drake’s upcoming album ‘Scorpion.’
Billboards promoting ‘Scorpion’ reading ‘Side A, Side B’ have been spotted in Toronto.

Hilarious reactions surfaced on the social networking site following the speculations of the album being a double disc project.

A user tweeted, “WE’RE GETTING A DOUBLE ALBUM?!”

Another twitterer wrote, “Dawg is he finally gonna split the rap and r&b songs apart instead of trying to mash the two together in a long drawn out album??????”

Another wrote, “Side A: all raps, all bars, the scorpion side Side B: all R&B cuts, the owl side, aka owl hours, aka middle of the night in your feelings songs. That would line up with the owl & scorpion Billboard perfectly”

Another user wrote, “In other news Drake giving us a double album. Finally my guy.’