Drake sues woman who accused him of raping her

Washington: Rapper Drake sued a woman who accused him of raping her and making her pregnant.

The ‘Hotline bling’ rapper filed a lawsuit against the woman, Layla Lace, whom he met during his ‘Boy Meets World Tour’ in Manchester, England, reported TMZ. He confirmed that during this tour back in February 2017, they “had consensual sex”.

In the lawsuit, Drake claimed that Layla protested after he sent her home instead of taking her on his musical tour.

Further, Drake, in his lawsuit, revealed that through continuous text messages, Layla created a “fantasy relationship” with him, adding that it reached a point where he couldn’t respond to her anymore.

In April last year, Layla, in an Instagram post, revealed that she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. The lawsuit even revealed that on May 2017, she hired a lawyer and demanded a big sum of money for the baby.

Despite several requests, the lawsuit also claimed that Layla refused to take a paternity test to prove what she claimed.

Drake is now suing her for a number of charges including civil extortion and emotional distress.