Drains of Osmania General Hospital release toxic waste into Musi River

Hyderabad: The human blood, tissues, body fluids, the toxic waste from Osmania General Hospital is drained into Musi River creating health hazards for people.

The mixing of these toxic materials with drainage and soil creates foul smell as well as makes the soil toxic. It allows cultivation of harmful bacteria, worms in the drainage water and also in the soil.

The water pipelines passing through these drainage pipelines pose threat to life’s of many people if the water gets contaminated due to openings or cuts.

A senior doctor analyzing the threat says, “People who live along these drainage lines have to ensure that their drinking water pipelines are maintained properly. Else, it can lead to severe contamination. It can lead to different kinds of skin infections and as there are various micro-organisms, it allows the bad bacteria to survive in different forms.”

The issue concerning is that this drainage waste is dumped into Musi River. Ecologists are of the opinion that this mixing of toxic waste with river would turn the soil around the riverbed toxic.

Madhu Choudhary, an environmental engineer, explained, “The soil around the lakebed and the riverside is not fertile any longer as it has a lot of sewage outlets opening to it.

“Most of them are filled with toxic waste. Hence if there are vegetables and other small crops being cultivated, there are chances of them being contaminated”, as reported in DC