Dr Zakir Naik’s program, once again govt denied permission

The Karanata State government which has earlier denied permission to scholar, Dr Zakir Naik’s programme that was proposed to be held in the city during December last, has once again struck down ther proposal to hold this programme during this month.

It is to be noted that, Dr Naik’s programme has been postponed over and over again on the past three occasions with the state government denying permission as Hindu hardline group opposed the programme and warn of protest against it.

A delegation of South Karnataka Salafi Movement met the home minister to sought permission again for organizing the programme, But however they were again denied permission citing reasons like intelligence inputs and opposition from Muslim leaders in Congress party.

Vice president of SKSM central committee, Ismail Shaffi has stated that the State government has betrayed the trust of Muslims and have robbed them of religious freedom.