Dr Nitasha Kaul exposes hate crimes against Muslims during BJP’s rule

Dr Nitasha Kaul is a London based Indian Kashmiri academic, writer and poet. Presently she is an Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster in London. She says according to a report, in the first 300 days of this government 600 cases of violence have been reported. There were 42 death. 149 incidents where Christians were attacked and in the rest Muslims were attacked.

She declared the BJP government a toxic combination of Hindu supremacist, socially regressive, economically neoliberal. She cites the issues raised by BJP RSS like award wapsi, reconversion, accusations of love jihad, etc. She claims RSS and the BJP are hand in gloves. She further discloses that RSS has camps where young boys are trained they make statements like ‘we will kill Muslims’. She also revealed that there was a video footage in which Yogi Adityanath was on stage asking the crowd to exhume the dead bodies of Muslim women and rape them. That was followed by an actual incident happening, she says.

The young writer says, RSS ideology is socialist regressive community-based ideology.

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