Dr. Naguman urges writers, scholars, politicians to preserve mother languages of Baloch people

London [United Kingdom]: Dr. Naguman, well- known Baloch writer and author of six books has urged writers, scholars and politicians to work together to preserve mother languages of Baloch people.

He said ruling nations are undermining Balochi and Brahvi languages which has put the two into the list of endangered languages.

Dr. Naguman made these remarks at a conference held by Baloch Cultural Association at Birkbeck University on Saturday in London.

Baloch scholars, linguists, political figures and literary persons addressed at the conference.

International representative of the Baloch National Movement said Pakistani establishment through a systematic policy is destroying our traditions, values languages and other elements.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Naguman said that they are facing two types of genocides, mass genocide and cultural genocide.

He termed the cultural genocide the worst form of genocide as it will cause people’s identity to die.

Talking to audience, Badal Han said Balochi and Brahvi languages will soon cease exist if they don’t take urgent actions.

Sikandar Qmbarani in his speech said that they are a separate nation with a separate culture and separate languages.

“Urdu has been forcefully imposed on us. It’s our right read, write and talk in our language and practice our traditions,” he said.

The moderator of the conference was Hakeem Wadhela.

Mohiuddin, Waleed Garboni, Mehrab Sarjo, Ismael Ameeri and Aziz Mengal also delivered speeches at the conference. (ANI)