Dr Mohammed Shareef of Malegaon released from jail before completion of term

Malegaon: Dr Mohammed Shareef who was implicated in various serious cases was released before the completion of his jail term. The court had sentenced him for 14 years, however, keeping in view the good conduct he was released before completion of term on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanthi. Dr Shareef was arrested by the local police on May 13, 2006, on the charges of keeping lethal weapons.

Maharashtra anti-terrorist squad convicted him under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). The court sentenced him to 14 year jail on the under Arms Act. However, due to his good conduct, his punishment of 1 year and 3 days was relaxed.

Shareef was in Amravati jail for the past 4 years, earlier he was kept in Arthur road jail Mumbai.

According to Inquilab, during the prison term, Dr Shareef studied bachelor of Academic Law, MBA in Hospital Management and MCom. He is a homoeopathy doctor.