Dr Manzoor Aalam slams NIA for declaring daily use items as weapons of terrorism

New Delhi: NIA and other agencies are responsible for the right investigation of terrorist matters and other cases. It is their duty to investigate on the basis of concrete proofs and logic and save the country from any kind of threat and attack. But recently the way in which NIA is conducting enquiry shows that the officers rather than fulfilling their duties are targeting a particular community. These views were expressed by general secretary All India Milli Council Dr Manzoor Aalam.

Dr Aalam said NIA during the past one week has conducted several raids in Delhi and west UP and arrested Muslim youth on the charges of terrorism. It seized trolley bag thinking it to be a POP rocket. Similarly, a slate for grinding spices and other useful items were seized saying that they could be used for terror attacks. A boy named Israr Siddiqui wrote his initials IS, and NIA began enquiring about him suspecting him to be an ISIS man.

Dr Mohammed Manzoor Aalam claimed that this is planning to defame Muslims and distort their image.