Dr. Kalam was just an ordinary scientist: Pakistan’s scientist AQ Khan

At a time when the whole country is in grief and mourning the sudden demise of former president APJ Abdul Kalam, Pakistan well known scientist and nuclear physicist, Abdul Qadeer Khan has made a vicious attack on Dr Kalam saying he was just an `ordinary` scientist.

Abdul Qadeer Khan was one of Pakistan’s top scientists,and was involved in the country’s various scientific programs until his dismissal.

Khan said that he couldn’t recall any major contribution made by Dr Kalam in the fields of satellite technology, missile technology or astro-physics.

in an interview to the BBC.not only he called Dr. Kalam as moderate scientist but also he said, “ India’s missile programme was developed with the help of Russia and Dr Kalam didn’t make a big difference in developing the missiles.

The Pakistani atomic black marketeer also siad that Kalam made President of India in 2002 because the BJP wanted to lure the Muslim voters.

Dr. Kalam, who died on Monday evening while delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management-Shillong, is remebered as an eminent scientist. As President of India, Kalam was immensely popular and greatly admired by all sections of society.

The contribution of ‘missile man’ APJ Abdul Kalam to the country’s atomic and space programme is known worldwide.

Kalam was project director of India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle, which successfully injected the Rohini satellite in the near Earth orbit in July 1980 and made India a member of the exclusive Space Club.

He played a prominent role in the country’s 1998 nuclear weapons tests, Pokhran-II, which established Kalam as a national hero.