Dozens dead in suicide bombings in Syria

DAMASCUS: As many as 38 people were killed and 37 wounded in a series of bombings and attacks in Syria’s Sweida province on Wednesday, authorities said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said suicide bombers from the Islamic State (IS) detonated bomb vests and explosive devices in Sweida city in tandem with an attack by this terror-designated group on towns in the eastern countryside of Sweida on Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

Three suicide bombers set off their bomb vests near the grocery market and the roundabouts of Mashnaqa and Najmeh in Sweida city, the Observatory said, adding that explosive devices were detonated in the same areas.

In the northeastern countryside of Sweida, where the Syrian warplanes are taking part in striking the IS fighters, the IS militants launched attacks on several towns amid confrontation between the Syrian army and the IS militants.

Meanwhile, a medical source inside the city said that over 30 people were killed in the attacks, adding that the wounded are being taken to the national hospital in the city.

Another explosion took place in the Maslakh area in the city.


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